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1939 History of Plains High School by Calista Bender

Reprinted from "Plains, Kansas 2000 and Counting" with permission from Joyce Knott


                          HISTORICAL SURVEY OF PLAINS, KANSAS AS OF 1953
       Thank you to Carl Dean Holmes, Class of 1958, for submitting this document for inclusion on this site.

Donald C. Cushenberry taught at Plains Schools from 1948 to 1953.  During that time he wrote a thesis as part of the requirements for a Master of Science degree. The topic of the thesis is a history of Plains, it's community and school system as it existed in 1953.  In it he wrote," It is the hope of the writer that many people will secure some measure of enjoyment and profit from reading the events as they are recorded here".

Dr. Cushenberry died 12 Jan 2009.  This is his thesis.

A note from Dr. Cushenberry

CHAPTER I      Introduction
CHAPTER II     A history of Plains
CHAPTER III    Religious and Social Organizations
CHAPTER IV    History of Plains Public Schools
CHAPTER V     School Plant and Equipment
CHAPTER VI    Organization, Administration and Supervision
CHAPTER VII   Educational Expenditures
CHAPTER VIII  Conclusions and Recommendations

Editors note:  Some of his recommendations were actually implemented in later years.  Mr. Cushenberry was my/our (Class of '59) 6th grade teacher in his final year at Plains.




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