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08 Mar 2018


Do you have a Plains High School Yearbook you would donate to Southwestern Heights Library?


Yearbooks Needed!


If anyone has any unwanted yearbooks of any year (especially 1965 and before), please contact me! We would love to have a full set of Southwestern Heights High School, Kismet High School and Plains High School in the Southwestern Heights JR.-SR. High library! We currently have a completed set for Southwestern Heights High school 1966-current.


Please contact:

Jenny Chase



Click the link above. 
13 Nov 2016 - The lists have been modified, several people have been added and some have been moved within the lists.  This process will be ongoing as we learn more about our Veterans.  Thank you to all of them for their service to our country.
This list originated with the packet of information handed out at the PHS Reunion in August 2016.  Thank you to whomever created it.
If you know of veterans who should be added to these lists, please send their name and when they served, to KECoats@msn.com
They should be or should have lived in Plains, taught in Plains or be the spouse of someone from Plains.  Thank you.



The Community Enhancement Foundation of Plains(CEFOP) is taking pre-orders for decks of playing cards. The Back side of the deck will be a beautiful picture of "The Widest Main Street" at night. The face sides will have pictures of the businesses and landmarks in Plains/Kismet. The decks will make great gifts/keepsakes for family and friends. They would make a great stocking stuffer. Pre-orders would help greatly, giving us an idea of the number of decks we need to order. Cost is $10.00 per deck and all profit will go to the Grocery Store Project.


Please contact Jeanne Fisher-Roberts on Facebook, at  620-482-3526 or JMRROBERTS@hotmail.com with the number of decks you would like to reserve. No need to pay until we deliver them to you.  Thank You!!!

28 May 2015    Lenora COATS, Avery, Class of 1933, turns 100   click this link

26 Jul 2014 - Video of the launch for Richard Schell's son 

The video and dedication to Lowell Schell of the rocket launch in Florida is on:

YouTube.com    search: ula atlas v nrol-33  

 There is more than one video of the launch but the one you want to watch is 30:20 minutes long and the dedication is a little over 10 minutes into the video.  You can move the cursor along the bottom to speed up if you want but the video tells about the rocket and shows the launch toward the end.



19 May 2014  -  Richard Schell  Class of 1959


 Kirk,  I visited with Richard Schell today.  He and Paulette and family are the NASA Space Center in Florida.  Their son, Lowell, was killed in a motorcycle accident two years ago this summer.  Lowell was career Air Force and worked at NASA on classified jobs.  The Schell's were informed that Lowell and two other men were instrumental in the design of an Alliance Atlas 5 rocket which is scheduled to be launched on May 22 at 6:00 am Eastern Time.  Lowell Schell will have his name on this rocket as a memorial.  The internet site for information and (I think viewing of the launch) is:  www.spaceflightnow.com     This is quite an honor and I thought our classmates might like to know this information.

Thanks,    Don Malone

The Community Enhancement Foundation of Plains announces "Access to Food" project.

Please click the following links.

Letter to the Community

Vision for "Grand Avenue Market"

Tax Rate Chart

Schedule for potential Tax Savings

Pledge Sheet for Tax Credits

----- Original Message -----
From: JM Roberts
Sent: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 10:17 AM
Subject: Thank You - Plains Kansas Won!!!

Plains won the State Farm "Cause An Effect” grant competition!!! The Community Enhancement Foundation of Plains will now receive $25,000.00 to be used for their “Access to Food Program". Through this program we hope to provide a much needed grocery store.

Thank you everyone for your help!!! The people of Plains, their family and friends are Amazing and we couldn’t have done it without you. Plains was the 3rd smallest town of the 100 finalists, that shows you how truely amazing this is.

We plan to use this as seed money to grow to the amount we need to provide the store!!

Thank you all so much!

Jeanne Roberts, Cheryl Rickers & Mark Tabb

The Community Enhancement Foundation of Plains

Happy 50th Anniversary to the SWH Class of 1968!  Third class to graduate from SWH and the last sophomore class of PHS.

Also Happy Anniversary to all the classes of 8s.

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1938 - 80 yrs
1948 - 70 yrs
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